Cutmastas Bronx Style   It seems that time has gotten a hold of Midknight's neck and is choking the life out of him. Screw him, Cutmastas must survive! Leave that to Colasoul Promoti ons Manager DJ Ceno from the Bronx, New York. Ceno's been cutting for over a de cade and will be bringing all new content and flavor for SPN.
Coming Soon
  • New Cutmastas Boards coming very soon.
  • More more more DJ Battles!
  • Inside the life of Street Promotions
  • And... while we're on DJ's... BOUNTY KILLA!

  • OPEN!!!

    Well, Bandwidth is back open... now for the rest of SPN. Our team has been busy. I know what you're thinking, you're thinking we've been so busy chasing the almighty dollar that we've lost touch with our viewers. Well... you're right, but I want to get back in touch! So please love me! And rate these damn albums! See, I'm still me. But there's going to be a lot of changes around here once we decide to launch it all. So, stay tuned, True Believers.

     SPN's debut Hip-Hop / R&B group, First Class shined on MTV's the Cut in Burbank, California. The quartet mix of different rhyme styles and amazing, crisp vocals are back in the studios for their second album. Also, check out this article about FC from the Journal/Sentinel newspaper.
     Seattle, Washington's finest are running shook as the anti-establisment punk rock band, Pigsticker slam more vicious than a firecracker in your pants. And I'm not just saying that.... Tomorrow!